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  • Washington DC Metro
  • Richmond, VA
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Charlottesville, VA


  • Residential Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Generator
  • Wood Burners/Fireplace
  • Remodeling Contractor

Customer Profile:
Residential Service Contractor
with 500 employees

Reduce paperwork, increase technician
efficiency and productivity,
handle inefficient scheduling and
manage growth in sales without
huge increase in overhead.

MO.S.T. Contractor Software
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Successful companies have learned that just coming in and “turning a wrench” and then providing an invoice is not the way to achieve an increase in sales and optimal customer satisfaction.

Michael & Son Services automates Field Service
Operations with MO.S.T. Contractor Software

Michael & Son Services is a Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Remodeling Residential Contractor that started servicing the Washington DC metro area, and has expanded operations to Richmond VA, Norfolk VA, Baltimore MD, Raleigh NC and Charlottesville VA.

Michael and Son was established in 1976 by current President, Basim M. Mansour’s father, Mousa “Mike” Mansour. On June 1, 1990, Basim’s Father died at the age of 47. At the age of 19 Basim took over the family’s business. But his father did leave him something, a great foundation. He taught him to never to give up, and he le2 him an incredible work ethic.

In the midst of a recession with lots of well established companies failing, he survived with the help of his mother and his need to survive to provide financial support for his mother and sister. When Basim took over Michael and Son in 1999, Michael and Son was strictly an electrical contractor with 3 service trucks. In the past 13 years Michael and Son has seen great success, expanding to over 290 service vehicles in multiple disciplines and locations. Michael and Son’s strong growth can be contributed to their commitment to customer satisfaction and with their company motto “If you can’t, we can” attitude.

The Challenge

As the company grew so did its infrastructure. More customers meant more staff required to deal with the calls and the resulting increase in paperwork. This created a vicious circle of inefficiency and office bloat. Any new initiatives were hard to put in place as technicians were already spending too much time on managing their paperwork and adding new people in the field meant more people needed in the office, which was not optimal for continued efficient growth.

With an eye to the future Michael and Son realized that to succeed their service technicians would be required to not just perform the duties for which they are best at; fixing the homeowners’ immediate problems as effectively as possible. But they were also required to be salespeople, product specialists, field admin clerks, and most importantly, professional representatives of the company.

Managing everything manually frustrated technicians by having to fill in comprehensive notes, writing in line items and making sure that all values added up properly, while at the same time making sure all documents were easily readable and made sense to the customer and the office staff who had to enter all the paper tickets into the existing office system so that some electronic record is properly kept. This all slowed down the technicians from getting to calls or affected their ability to show a customer all the options. In many instances field personnel did not have the proper paper documents (i.e., manuals, price books). Modifying a price book by adding, removing or editing prices became a costly and time consuming operation with no guarantee that all the service techs had up to date price books.

Michael and Son needed a software solution that could be flexible enough to deal with the immediate issues and still offer flexibility to future growth visions the company had. The main areas to address were:

  • Reduce data entry frustration for field and office personnel;
  • Reduce duplication of work and mistakes of data entry created by rekeying of paperwork in the office;
  • Increase efficiency and productivity out in the field with tools to help quote and present options to customers;
  • Manage “office bloating” which occurred when staffing had to increase to manage the dispatching and handling of all the new field personnel;
  • Distinguish themselves from competitors with increased professionalism;
  • Increase the speed and thoroughness that tickets can be reviewed;
  • Give the technician easy to use “tools” to help present to customers options and benefits;
  • Easily update field techs with updated pricing from the office;
  • Field employees needed better information and sales tool to provide better customer service and increase 1st time trip repairs.

The Solution

Although Michael and Son had an existing software solution in use they needed to find one that would not only help them with their existing challenges but also offer them ability to handle future growth and changes that would occur as they expanded and grew. What made the MO.S.T. solution interesting was that the principal partners were in the HVAC industry and they created a solution that did not just focus on the usual patterns of dispatching, customers and invoices but for the first time presented a solution that gave the technicians out in the field the means to do their jobs more efficiently and professionally.

To do this Michael and Son gave all its field technicians Motion Computing Tablet PC’s and HP Mobile Printers. With such a large undertaking and wanting to reduce the impact that any software change has on the flow of business the software launch was phased in. Many technicians were hesitant with the prospect of using the Tablets, especially those with limited computer experience; However, training evolved into a well honed machine that showed the techs that the computer was not a change in the way they do their work but an enhancement to help them do it more efficiently and effectively. In essence, technology just became another “tool in their belt”, which gave them more ways to provide better customer solutions such as:

  • The ability to see previously made recommendations to the homeowners;
  • Track and view customer equipment;
  • View customer history;
  • Add materials used;
  • Create purchase orders in the field;

“No software is perfect but the folks at MO.S.T. really helped ease the frustration of the new system with our service techs through their flexible support mes. Their ability to connect directly with our guys in the field’s machines helped reduce frustration greatly.”

Elias Moussa, General Manager, Michael and Son Inc.

Duplication of data between the field and the office was reduced with the data transferring electronically from the field. Service techs on the system were able to transfer their work immediately and not wait for weekly meetings or need to drive back to the office to return paperwork. They were now able to easily process credit cards and get proper authorization numbers without relying on the office staff. Service techs are great at diagnosing and fixing problems but are not always comfortable presenting to the home owners. Special MO.S.T. features like Quality Control checklists and Diagnostic Review screens to help present options to the homeowner made it easier and increased the professionalism of the company.

Benefits extended out to the office, which saw an increase in dispatching efficiency so that not only did an increase in service techs not require more dispatchers, but the company was able to reduce the number of existing dispatchers required to handle the current load.

Michael and Son, Inc. continues to grow and with the flexibility and adaptability of the MO.S.T. solution, any new and existing initiatives can be met.