Customer Card

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Overview :

  • Quickly and Easily search for customers by name, street address, phone number and equipment model and serial number;
  • Eliminate duplicate customer entry:
    • Instantly verify and correct customer information when creating new customer accounts;
    • Correct, validate, and standardize addresses in your database;
    • Phone number and e-mail validation;
  • Track customers with unlimited job site locations using customer card;
  • Set up New Construction home by subdivisions and lot numbers;
  • Assign estimators and account representatives to any customer account; This improves customer service and consistency, by easily tracking estimator assigned to account; in addition, customizable commission reports based on account representative are able to be created;
  • Marketing Management:
    • Track “birth date” of customer for marketing;
    • Allow sending of batch e-mails;
    • Inactivate customers;
    • Market to customers by equipment age and/or equipment installed by your company or installed by others;
    • Market to customers by customer class: residential, commercial, property management, rental properties, etc.;
    • Reduce returned mail due to invalid address information;
  • Store credit card and e-check payment information safely and securely;
  • Separate customer note and jobsite note fields as well as timestamp the subject, details and employee that created note;
  • Complete customer card service history: View current, future work orders, history invoices, quotes and installation jobs;
  • View customer account balance;
  • Extensive site equipment database, which tracks manufacturer, model #, type, serial #, location, description, size, install date and multiple warranty settings;
  • Attach documents of various file types to the customer card;
  • Track multiple service agreements between company divisions such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical and whole house service agreements;
  • View Project Management jobs per customer;
  • Ability to merge duplicate accounts and transfer job sites to new owners;