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Overview :

The dispatch board is the heartbeat of any service organization, we have incorporated numerous features to make the job of the dispatcher easier. MO.S.T. Contractor keeps your dispatchers, technicians, managers and office staff organized and all on the same page, getting technicians to your customers quickly, efficiently , and with fewer errors. Some of the features and benefits of our solution are:

  • Graphical schedule board with drag and drop scheduling;
  • Instant real time access to detailed technician statistics;
  • View technician scheduled worked hours, which eliminates over booking their day;
  • Reduce unnecessary overtime as real time timecards are integrated with the dispatch board and shows a technician’s actual worked hours for a day, week or pay period;
  • Keep your technicians and dispatchers engaged by tracking actual daily sales. This helps increase revenue as dispatchers and management can easily follow the daily progress of the technicians;
  • Schedule based on service area and predefined skill level assigned to each employee means dispatching the most qualified technician every time;
  • Color-coded priority markers; that will ensure emergency and important calls stand out from the rest Color-coded appointments which changes in real time as work is done and allows for visual work flow status;
  • Color coded stages show the life-cycle of each ticket quickly and special stages; such as, Wrap-Up and Parts Needed add even more practical functionality
  • Schedule work orders for multiple technicians and multiple days;
  • Create new customers and work tickets directly from the dispatch board;
  • Customer desired date tracking enables you to move future service calls to current day to fill open appointment slots and maximize the schedule;
  • Filter unassigned work tickets by service area, zip code, type of call, and estimated call task time; all ways to enhance effectiveness of your field employees;
  • Multiple Views, including, Day, Week and Month;
  • Integrated mapping and GPS tracking to allow users the ability to view your customer and technicians locations. Users can view available technicians by proximity to create an optimal schedule. Our integrated mapping features with driving directions will decrease travel time;
  • Show information on dispatch board based on departments, service area and different office locations for greater filtering;
  • Ability to dispatch appointments to Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. Great tool for scheduling your sales team;
  • Dispatchers are enabled to handle more technicians with fewer mistakes.
  • The easy-to-follow dispatch board quickly alerts and updates dispatchers to keep them informed about the technicians progress
  • Turnover rate of dispatchers is reduced dispatchers are enabled to handle more technicians with fewer mistakes.
  • Technicians are empowered to concentrate on their primary job: solving the needs of your customers Schedule based on service area and skill level and predefined skill levels assigned to each employee means dispatching the most qualified technician every time Technicians arrive to the job with proper parts with our special “Parts Needed” stage.