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Overview :

Our mobile solution was designed by a contractor who wanted his employees to go far beyond filling in a simple invoice. The goal was to empower his technicians with a tool that would make them present options better to customers in such a way that made it easier for the tech and more clear for the customer. In addition, the technicians would have access to vital information, like work history and customer equipment, to help them be more productive while at the site.By making it easy for technicians in the field to do all the value added work that working on paper makes it impossible to do we can help increase the productivity of your staff, while reducing costs and increasing revenue. Some of the features of our MObile solution are:

  • Technicians arrive on the job prepared with customer service history, equipment information, service agreement status and extended warranty information all at technicians fingertips;
  • Integrated Flat Rate Book, Handles Time & Materials or as agreed upon pricing structures;
  • Integrated mapping;
  • A list of recommendations and declined work from past service calls;
  • Add/edit equipment from the field;
  • Standardized service call;
  • Eliminate technician pricing and adding errors;
  • Capture customers signature;
  • Process credit cards and eChecks while in the field;
  • Ability to add pictures, wiring diagrams, facility layout to customers account;
  • Technical Installation Manuals are stored in the program reduces technicians errors and call backs;
  • Easy to print marketing materials;
  • Professional looking invoice is generated right on the screen for the customer to approve all work;


As a business owner having your technician able to print out an invoice in the field is not enough. They must be able to produce documents that will provide the customer with the assurance that they are dealing with a professional company. Some of the field reports that are provided by the program are:
  • Quality Control Checklists;
  • Diagnostic Result Sheet;
  • Energy Savings Agreement Contracts;
  • Extended Warranty Contracts;
  • Refusal of Condensate Protection Waiver;
  • Cracked Heat Exchanger Checklist.