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Flat Rate Pricing Made Easy!

Are you struggling to update your flat rate books in a timely manner? One benefit of having a digital Flat Rate book is your technicians immediately receive the update with their next service call.

Are you frustrated with your current flat rate software that comes with 20,000 repairs that you have to sift through and narrow down to the 500 or so repairs that your company uses?

We eliminate unnecessary tasks that are found in some pricing guides, your efficiency in the field will dramatically increase!
Does your current flat rate system allow you to override prices without changing every price?

Easily override the calculated price for specific repairs, like diagnostic, filters and accessories without affecting the rest of the book.
Your Flat Rate book can be uploaded into MO.S.T. using our excel import feature. We can import your flat rate book if you use

  • Callahan Roach
  • The New Flat Rate
  • QSP

Are you a Time and Materials company struggling to switch to Flat Rate Pricing?

We are dedicated to making your Flat Rate book easy to set-up, maintain, and customize to your business. We have a flat rate champion on staff that can guide you through the process. Part of our Pre-Implantation phase is we work with you via web conferencing to ensure your flat rate book is accurate and meets your business specifications. We don’t just mail you a CD with complicated user guides.
Does your company need the flexibility to offer Flat Rate pricing to your residential customers and still need to offer Time and Material Pricing to your Commercial customers?
Our flat rate software has the ability to incorporate both pricing structures.
What’s included with MO.S.T. – Contractor Flat Rate?

  • Create Multiple Price Books per division of you company with different hourly rates and mark –ups
  • Easily set your material mark-up rates
  • Adjust selling price by percentage- Receive a price increase for raw materials like copper or Freon, increase the price of the raw material and MO.S.T. Contractor will update all repairs that use that raw material in minutes
  • Adjust required hours by repair or category. Our labor editor allows you to add or reduce labor time to specific repairs or repair categories
  • Attach “spiffs” or commission to each repair
  • Attach customer notes to each repair. Add value to a repair and explain exactly what is included in the quoted work.
  • Attach Technician Instruction Notes to each repair
  • Apply different warranties to each pricing column
  • Attach Technician Checklists to repairs
  • Override pricing on specific repairs
  • Technician labor efficiency reporting automatically generated for management
  • Truck Stock location attached to repairs- Bin or shelf location on truck
  • Track accessory item sales revenue
  • Maintenance Agreement Discounts based on Flat Rate Book. If your customer has a HVAC maintenance agreement they will only receive the discount for HVAC repairs and not other flat rate books like plumbing or electrical repairs. You also have the flexibility to discount all price books
  • Create coupons as flat Rate repairs to track your marketing campaigns
  • Item Status Dashboard gives your management team real time department statistics on:
  • Number of times repair has been quoted and approved
  • Department closing Ratio
  • Technician closing Ratio


Benefits of a digital Price Book:

MO.S.T. Contractor Digital Flat Rate Program provides an appealing alternative to the printed flat rate book. Integrated with our Management Office Solution, Technicians receive updated pricing as soon as they receive their next service call.

  • Customers easily approve and sign for repairs prior to your technician starting the work with our Diagnostic Review Sheet
  • Increase maintenance agreement sales because customers can see the discount they would get if they had an active agreement
  • Attach equipment to repair items
  • Ability to add quotes on the fly
  • Add or remove materials attached to a flat rate job for proper truck replenishment and net profit tracking