Mobile Work Ticket

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In order to make sure that your technicians have quick and easy access to vital customer information MO.S.T synchs important and relevant information about the call they are heading to and the customer. Some of this information for mobile work ticket is:

  • Call 1st information;
  • Dispatch notes;
  • Reason for Call;
  • Previous declined work;
  • Job site contact person;
  • All job site phone numbers;
  • Existing service agreement information;
  • Additional driving directions
  • Full address and contact Information;
  • Listing of all job site equipment;
  • Any service agreements for the job site;
  • Any documents and photos that the office wanted to transfer;
  • Any history tickets that the office wanted to transfer, which will allow the technician to view all previous work orders and quotes, customer service agreement status, customer equipment, and jobsite notes;
  • Integrated Maps using Google Maps

Technicians can also:

  • Print / Preview invoice, which contains all work done and quoted one, along with signatures, equipment and payment information;
  • Collect payment at time of service;
  • Process credit cards and e-checks;
  • Capture customer signatures, on diagnostic result sheet, liability waiver forms and completion of work

Previous Recommendations

  • Increase up selling and crossing selling opportunities:
  • Office personal and field technicians have easy access to all previous declined work;
  • Customer Service Reps and technicians can view and assign Previous Recommendations to the current service call they are on;
  • Sending different technicians to a jobsite is a breeze as they are always prepared and know exactly what was previously quoted;