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Reports and Dashboards

Every office system is a huge database of information, ever growing. What makes any management system worthwhile is how it takes all that raw information and turns it into something useful for the end user.

MO.S.T. uses 3 ways of doing this. Each offering up its own set of benefits. They are Dashboards, Pivot Tables and Standard Reports.


The use of pie charts, bar charts and other graphics are used to display business analysis in a way that is easy to review and assess. This will help you stay on top of how the business and its initiatives are doing and help you make important decisions to further succeed.
Our “user” specific dashboards allow owners, managers, CSR, and dispatchers to monitor the key trends and relationships that drive their company’s success with our ever growing list of features our dashboards track and display a lot of information; such as,

  • Revenue
  • Revenue Per Man Hour
  • Average Ticket
  • Labor Efficiency
  • Technician Close Rate

  • Travel Time
  • Cancelled Calls by Category
  • Flat Rate Repairs Closing Percentage
  • Accessory Sales
  • Call Back Tracking

Pivot Tables:

Pivot tables offer an exciting reporting option to view key performance indicators while changing the criteria on the screen for easy quick analysis. Row / column information can be manipulated to provide various views of the same data. Drill downs on each cell provide the desired details to see which tickets the numbers came from. All pivot table can be exported to excel.

Marketing Pivot Table Tracks

♦ Revenue and ticket count by Lead Source (Website, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Existing Customer)
♦ Revenue by:

  • Department
  • Service Type
  • Service Area and Zip Code
  • Call Taken By employee

Our pivot tables give you power to understand which marketing campaigns are working for your company. Get instant access to marketing campaign’s net revenue, gaining visibility to your marketing return on investment;

We also offer multiple revenue tracking pivot tables which helps to differentiate the employees who are revenue producers from those that might require additional training in your organization;

Standard Reports:

MO.S.T offers powerful reporting options to manage your business more effectively.

Some key reports:

  • Truck stock replenishment report: simply keeps your fleet fully stocked. Employees always have the accurate amount of inventory;
  • Commission Reports decrease payroll processing time. Commission reports also increase payroll accuracy ensuring all employees are paid all commissions;
  • Service agreement reporting gives you the flexibility to monitor expiring service contracts, number of pre scheduled work orders my month, and revenue recognition tracking;
  • Uncompleted Work Report will ensure all parts get ordered and customers are scheduled for return visits to complete any unfinished work;
  • Call Taken Report will track how many call booked by staff and the type of call. Keep track of outbound calling campaigns and success rates;
  • Payroll Reports for commission tracking, hours worked, account representative commission report;
  • Marketing Reports by equipment type, age, type of warranty;
  • Follow up reports on declined work, pending and cancelled calls;
  • Management reports such as Call Back Tracking;
  • and many more industry specific reports to help run your business smoothly.

All reports offer the flexibility to do the following:

  • Reports can be exported to excel so you can further analyze the data;
  • Save report in various formats; such as PDF and rich text format (rtf);
  • Email report directly while converting report to PDF , or other formats, to make it easier;
  • Print watermarks; such as, “DRAFT”, “CONFIDENTTIAL”, or whatever you wish it to say;
  • Zoom in/out while previewing on the screen;
  • Search capability for report text to make finding information quick and easy.