Service Agreement

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Overview :

Each service agreement can have the following:
  • Its own rate code to use, which allows for a more robust multi tiered rate structure;
  • Promotional categories for marketing campaigns;
  • Flexible maintenance intervals; such as, annual, semi-annual, tri-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and bi-weekly;
  • Add accessories or add-ons to any agreement;
  • Ability to have service agreements based on different price book;
  • Attach Equipment to each agreement
Generate future tickets feature allows for the following:
  • Flexibility in deciding if initial visit is to be included in actual agreement;
  • Attach dispatch notes for tickets in the future to ensure you don’t forget customer requests now;
  • Tracking and assigning of service agreement liability portions per ticket for revenue recognition;
  • Create Additional tickets or filter changes tickets;
  • Assign reasons for call in group or individually per ticket
Define automatic recurring billing schedule,
  • Generate future invoice tickets;
  • Automatic and “Time of Service” billing;
  • Suspend Agreements when automatic payments fail;
  • Deactivate Agreements
Multiple contract templates available to meet your needs
  • Ask us about creating a custom printable form;
  • Capture Customer Signatures
Flexible reporting
  • Track Open Maintenance Visits;
  • Track Remaining Liability;
  • Service Agreement Revenue Recognition Report;
  • Track active, suspended, and cancelled agreements