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Overview :

Training and implementation is the difference between success and failure of any new computer system.At MO.S.T. we take this very seriously as this is where even the best software programs can meet with failure and frustration. We have a specially trained team of industry professionals and computer people that will provide that initial onsite implementation and additional web support.

The first few weeks are critical to any new install, no matter what software is being implemented, so our team is designed to make that as painless as possible.

Our flexible hours (at NO EXTRA CHARGE) helps you and your team realize that you are not too far from an answer to a question or problem, especially when the system is new.

In addition to our phone support we take the time to connect up to not only your office staff’s computer but your techs out in the field. This makes it easier for your employees to better show us any concerns/questions/issues they may be having.