Time Cards

Time Cards

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Overview :

Some contractors need hourly time tracking for payroll, while others need commission tracking. We can do either, or both and capture
employee signatures. No need to wait for employees to turn in weekly time cards, each time card entry must be completed when the
service call is completed and the time card entry transfers back to the office in real time.

Everything you need to track:

  • Travel Time
  • Time on Job
  • Labor Efficiency
  • Commission
  • Spiffs
  • Deductions
  • Billable/Non Billable Time
  • Number of Tasks Performed

Sync your timesheets to QuickBooks:

Once timecard is checked and approved by management it is signed by the manager and then locked. The daily timecard is ready to
be transferred to QuickBooks. Once in QuickBooks you can use your favorite QB tools to process payroll and calculate job costing
Using this seamless integration with QuickBooks MO.S.T. becomes invaluable by eliminating the hassle of manual timesheets and
duplicate data entry saving you hours while processing payroll